Your adjustable bed your way

Welcome back to the McCarthy mobility Furniture blog where we bring you our experience and insights into our lines of mobility furniture,. rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds.

Built in Britain, built to last

We take pride in manufacturing in Great Britain and that’s why you will find the Made in Britain seal on all of our products. We believe in the experience and expertise of local craftsman who have, for generations, worked within the furniture making industry. Creating a higher quality product means that our mobility furniture will stand the test of time and our time from order to completion and delivery is quicker. If you haven’t read our blog on why we are proud to make in Britain.

Your adjustable bed your way

Choosing a made to measure adjustable bed can be daunting at first but our family run team are on hand to assist you in creating a made to measure adjustable bed that will provide you with superior comfort and longevity. Quite simply, you can have your bed your own way meaning that you can choose the size, the finishes, the mattress and the headboard.

How to decide on what to choose?

Made to measure adjustable beds are becoming increasingly popular as customers across the U.K look to bespoke adjustable beds to fulfil their requirements. Many choose a made to measure adjustable bed because of the tailored nature of the piece of furniture and the resulting comfort that this gives. When choosing an adjustable bed it is important to consider the following:

What mattress to choose?
What size to choose? Do you want extra space for example?
How can the motor options available assist you?
What fabric finishes suit and complement your existing scheme?
What kind of headboard will you require?
It is also worth considering how you will use your made to measure adjustable bed e.g. will you just be sleeping in it? Will you be spending the majority of your day in the bed?

Ultimately, the choice is very much yours! Why not contact our experiences and friendly family team to discuss your needs today. We are happy to give you indicators of prices and what we can do for you. For more information and to get prices for all of our rise and recline chairs, adjustable beds and mobility furniture contact our team today on 01992 472199 or email

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