How to buy an adjustable bed

Welcome back to the McCarthy Mobility Furniture blog where we bring you all you need to know about adjustable beds, rise and recliner chairs and mobility furniture. In this week’s blog we offer our expert advice on how to buy an adjustable bed.

When deciding to buy and adjustable bed many customers of ours feel that the time is right and often choose to upgrade their existing bed to something more comfortable and convenient. It is easy to be confused when you start shopping for an adjustable bed as choosing sometimes isn’t as easy as the decision to purchase one. Do you for a single, double of custom made model? What mattress do you choose? Are just a few questions that can aid you in your journey to buy an adjustable bed.

Before purchasing an adjustable bed its important to think carefully about what your needs are and how they can be met. Do you go for additional extras for example? Make sure you identify what problem you are looking for the bed to solve. Remember, always consult with the manufacturer and business you are speaking to and let them know why you want to purchase an adjustable bed. Less reputable businesses will sometimes look to pressurise you into seeing a salesperson before they give you any prices or further information. We believe this is wrong and are happy to give quotations over the phone and all the information you need.

Mattresses are an important aspect that can often be overlooked when buying an adjustable bed. Usually adjustable beds require a special type of mattress that has been purpose built to respond to the movements of the bed. Our family run business is happy to discuss what the benefits are of each of the adjustable bed mattresses that we provide are. If you haven’t read it yet, one of our previous blogs detailing the differences and benefits of the different types of adjustable bed mattresses that we stock.


Finally, it is important to consider delivery, installation and the aftercare of your adjustable bed.  Some companies may not include prices for delivery installation in the price and make sure you check before agreeing to a final fee. Sometimes they can assist you in removing your old bed as well. We are proud to offer a 14 day money back return policy as well as excellent guarantees across all of our mobility furniture. As a family run business our reputation is of the upmost importance to us an we stand by the excellent after care that we provide.


For more information on any of the mattresses mentioned and to receive a quote for an adjustable bed  over the phone call our family friendly teams on 01992 472199 or contact us via We are happy to provide prices and to answer any questions you may have.

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