How to choose your perfect mattress

Welcome back to the Mccarthy Mobility Furniture blog bringing you the latest news and going ons with our ranges of riser and recliner chairs and adjustable beds. In this week’s entry we examine the beautiful mattress options available to you when you choose an adjustable bed from ourselves.

Did you know that during your lifetime it is estimated that you will spend 25 years asleep? That’s right, on average a person (hopefully on the recommended 8 hours of sleep a day) will spend a third of their life, some 9,125 days, sleeping. Sleep is very important as well all know. A good night’s sleep can benefit you in numerous ways. From helping the body to repair itself to aiding concentration, sleep is of the upmost importance. Our range of adjustable beds including are just the thing to help you get a good night’s rest. One of the most important components to our beds is the mattresses. In our handy little guide we talk you through the pros of each type of adjustable bed mattress that we offer to help you decide what to choose.

Memory Foam

What is a memory foam mattress? A memory foam mattress is made of foam that uses the heat from the body to mould to the shape of the person’s body and position. Designed by NASA in the 60s, memory foam mattresses have helped millions across the globe to enjoy a more comfortable, refreshing night’s sleep. One of the biggest advantages to memory foam mattresses is their ability to soften the pressure across joints and on pressure points. With traditional spring mattresses, gravity and the spring fight one another to push the user into a position whilst gravity pulls them down resulting in pressure on the joints. Memory foam, however, compresses and evenly distributes the weight of the sleeper across the bed allowing greater relief on the joints and pressure points. It is estimated that pressure is reduced by up to 50% allowing for more comfortable night’s sleep. Whatsmore, memory foam mattresses allow for a greater alignment because they mould and adapt to the shape of the user allowing for a greater distribution of weight and less pressure.

Pocket Spring

Pocket Spring mattresses are becoming increasingly popular within the U.K. Available in  soft, medium and firm options pocket spring mattresses differ from regular mattresses because, instead of having one continuous coil of springs, pocket spring mattresses are made up of hundreds of individual springs. By more springs pocket spring mattresses are able to offer superior support. Renowned for their flexibility and springiness they help to relief the pressure across joints and key areas, in addition to this, the more open structure of the mattress allow for increased air circulating and a more comfortable bed temperature.


Latex mattresses can be made of either man-made (synthetic) latex or natural latex that is derived from the rubber tree and treated to created latex. At McCarthy Mobility Furniture we use only natural latex mattresses. One of the biggest advantages of a latex mattress is its ability to evenly distribute weight and support the sleeper.

This ability to distribute weights means that there is less pressure applied to the joints (typically the hips and shoulders). Latex beds also contour to the user adding an additional level of comfort and are known for their longevity, the average latex mattress lasts between 10-12 years whilst other mattresses typically last for around 7-9. Due to their composition latex mattresses also have the welcome addition of motion isolation.

This is ideal for those whose partners may toss and turn at night as the movements and motions are not transferred to the other side of the bed, allowing for a greater degree of comfort and a more restful night’s sleep. On top of this, Latex mattresses make the perfect mattress for those suffering from allergies and, in particular, asthma. Their natural anti-microbial properties make them mold and mildew proof and keep environmental allergens at bay.

Finally, for those eco minded individuals, latex mattresses are made from a natural material meaning that they are biodegradable.

For more information on any of the mattresses mentioned and to discuss your options for an adjustable bed call our family friendly teams on 01992 472199 or contact us via We are happy to provide prices and help you to find the perfect mattress for your adjustable bed.


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