Why we are happy to give you prices over the phone

Welcome back to the McCarthy Mobility Furniture blog where we bring you all you need to know about rise and recline chairs, adjustable beds and our mobility furniture. In this week’s blog entry we will outline why we always give prices over the phone to our potential clients.

Our price will not go any higher or lower – It is the final price

Firstly, we believe in doing things the right way and that the price you are quoted is the final price. More often than not our competitors, and less reputable companies, will insist on having a salesperson go to your home and go through their sales talk before providing you with a final price. Have you had this before? Have you ever experienced the sales person saying that they will ‘call their manager and see what they can do’ before lowering the price for you? We think this is just plain wrong. We provide quotes over the phone to help you understand how we operate and what our prices are.

No salesperson = no commission = better price for you

It is no secret that salespeople work on commission. Commission, however, is passed on to one person and one person only. YOU. The company has to pay the sales person a flat salary and commission which is always passed onto the consumer. We think this is wrong. Our team is fair, efficient and trained to give you the best price from the start. We are happy that you will compare the price (as you rightly should!) and in no way will we force a salesperson into your home. We respect that all you may want is a price and more information and we are happy to provide that for free.

Upfront, fair pricing

We are proud of our family run business and our reputation is very important to us. We firmly believe in doing things the right way and being transparent with all of our customers. Our pricing is fair and upfront and we are happy to provide you with a price over the phone.

More information give you more choice

More often than not when a potential customer calls us they are interested in two things. 1) more information about the product e.g duel or single motor, fabric finishes or the specifications and 2) the price. We have been manufacturing our own adjustable beds and rise and recline chairs for over 40 years and stand by our knowledge and the quality of our products. We happily will answer all of your questions, send you a brochure with more information and provide you with the price.

The highest quality service

We are immensely proud to manufacture and design our products in the U.K. For over 40 years we have worked with expert craftsman and designers to create the very best rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds. We fully believe in providing a product that lasts and is built to be comfortable. Our philosophy of quality is at the heart of what we do. As such, we believe in providing quality service by offering prices over the phone.

For more information on our full range of adjustable beds, rise and recliner chairs and mobility furniture and to receive a full quotation over the phone contact our teams on 01992 472199 or via info@mccarthymobility.com


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