How much should you pay for a riser recliner chair?

There are many benefits to using a riser recliner chair, making it an extremely useful piece of furniture to have in your home. Riser recliner chairs provide you with an easy way to go from a standing to a sitting position, and vice versa, at the click of a button.
These supportive and comfortable chairs can also be adjusted in terms of
tilt, so you can choose whether you want to sit upright, horizontal or somewhere in between. Riser recliner chairs can help promote independence for those with disabilities, and they are especially ideal for people who struggle with certain health problems, as well as the elderly.
But just how much does a riser recliner chair cost? For more information on what you could expect to pay for one of these chairs, as well as details on how you could save money and whether you might be eligible for financial support towards your purchase, keep reading.

How much are riser recliner chairs?

The truth is, a lot of care and attention goes into manufacturing riser recliner chairs. These designs include innovative inbuilt technology, so it’s no surprise that you can expect to pay more for one of these chairs than a regular non-adjustable model.
That being said, the price of riser recliner chairs can vary significantly depending on a whole host of different factors, such as the size of the chair and any additional features that you might choose to include.
Prices tend to start at around £550. Models priced at this level generally have standard rise and recline functionality, and you may find that they come in one size only. You may also find that they have fewer fabric options.
You’ll notice that higher specification recliner chairs will cost you more, but it’s important to remember that these models will most likely offer you a whole host of extra benefits and customisation options. These models typically cost between £900 and £1,200 – with more sizes available, such as small, medium and large, and you should be able to take your pick from different fabric colours and patterns too.
It’s worth nothing that choosing to upgrade your chair will make the price increase. For instance, adding extra such as heat and massage functionality, a reading light, a head cushion, a neck roll or a supportive lumbar cushion to your chair will probably raise the cost.
However, although the price might go up, it’s important to think about how the extra cost of these additions could benefit you in the long term. For example, if you have a medical condition such as arthritis, adding a massage function to your chair could help you to significantly reduce your aches and pains, as well as help improve circulation if you suffer with varicose veins or other similar conditions. Other features such as additional lumbar support can help ease back pain, as well as promote a natural, comfortable sitting position and healthy posture.
To find out more about how much you could expect to pay for this style of chair, you should seek the help and advice of a specialist.

Can I get financial support to buy a riser recliner chair?

If you suffer with a health condition and as a result require a riser recliner chair, or you live independently at home and you would not be able to cope without one, you may be able to claim one through your local authority.

It’s important to note that different local authorities have different rules in regards to what they’ll pay for, so it’s a good idea to get in touch with your local council to find out more. You should be able to book in for an assessment to see if you’re eligible. For further help and advice, it might also be worth speaking to an occupational health specialist.

Are riser recliner chairs exempt from VAT?

Since riser recliner chairs are designed for general use, they do not usually qualify for VAT exemption. However, if you have a specific mobility problem and you require special equipment to help you live independently, you may be able to get a chair tax free. This means that you can avoid paying 20 per cent VAT on top of the cost of the chair.

There’s no denying that price plays a major role when it comes to purchasing a riser recliner chair, so it’s important that you weigh up your options first.

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