How to deal with the loss of mobility

Welcome back to the McCarthy Mobility Furniture blog where we showcase our adjustable beds, rise and recline chairs and offer our expert advice around mobility furniture. In today’s blog we look at how to overcome the loss of mobility that can be experienced as a result of the ageing process.

As we get older it is common to experience a reduction in mobility as out muscles begin to lose their elasticity and we become less active than we once were.

We now live longer than ever an it is vital to ensure that we can provide a comfortable and improved quality of life for the elderly. Ageing that results in a loss of mobility can lead to a feeling that one’s independence is gradually slipping away. In today’s blog we offer a few tips on how to improve the quality of your life and combat the effects of mobility loss.

Installing Handrails around your home

It is no surprise that falls can be one of the most frequent causes of injury to old people and can lead to hospitalisation and fractured bones. Handrails installed around the home can be a simple and effective remedy to combat this. Indeed, bathrooms and stairs where falls can easily occur ought to be the first areas within the home to be adapted.

Electric Adjustable Beds

Circulation, mobility and flexibility all can slowdown as we grow older. Adjustable beds UK wide are becoming a solution to help improve circulation (by keeping the legs raised) and can help reduce the pressure on joints across the body. Keeping circulation flowing and less pressure on the knees and hips in particular can lead to increased mobility in the long term.

 Additionally, The British Journal of Nursing recently published a study showing that electric adjustable beds helped prevent the development of bedsores and pressure sores in the elderly.Adjustable beds can also assist those with breathing difficulties as they can raise the user’s head, neck, and chest allowing for more comfortable breathing. A lack of mobility as you get older can make getting in and out of bed difficult. The movement afforded by adjustable beds allows greater freedom when entering an exciting the bed as well as increased comfort when it comes to reading a good book or having a drink of something.

Riser and Recliner chairs

Riser and recliner chairs are an excellent way to help the elderly keep comfortable and to ensure ease of movement and flexibility. Much like adjustable beds, rise and recline chairs take the stress of of joints, assist in getting in and out of the chair and offer, generally, more support in comparison to a standard chair.

Physical Activity

Physical activity can be one of the most effective means to prevent injuries and help to prolong flexibility and mobility in the elderly.  Exercise is possibly the last thing an older person with reduced mobility feels like doing, but it can play an important role in improving their quality of life. Exercise strengthens the muscles, maintains flexibility, and improves both bone strength and energy levels.  Gentle motion exercises, stretching, walking and keeping active can all assist in maintaining mobility as we age.

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