Why invest in a rise and recline chair

Welcome back to the McCarthy Mobility Furniture blog where we bring you our expert tips and all you need to know about mobility furniture, rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds. In today’s blog post we look at our top 3 reasons to invest in a rise and recline chair.

Rise and recline chair, riser and recliner chair or electric chair – many names to describe one thing! Regardless of what you call them, we use rise and recline chairs, over the last 20 years there has been a surge in the general public using rise and recline chairs. A staple of care homes and hospices, rise and recline chairs are superior to an ordinary tub or high back chair. In care environments it is vital that the equipment is not only of the highest quality but that it can assist in caregiving. In today’s blog we give three reasons why hospices, care homes, and multi-user environments should invest in rise and recline chairs.


One of the biggest advantages of rise and recline chairs is often overlooked. In care environments where the patient may need extra support when standing up or sitting down ordinary chairs may lack the necessary capacities to assist in this. Rise and recliner chairs keep the user safe and help to stablise them as they are raised into an upright position. The electric inside provide a smooth and consistent movement to the user and helps to reduce the risk of falls or injuries that may happen.


Rise and recline chairs offer great postural control and support compared to normal chairs. This is important for patients who may be say for long periods of time in the same chair and helps to ensure a healthy posture. The cushion layouts and additional support that our rise and recline chairs provide helps to maintain a healthy posture. Whatsmore, the cushions positioned down either side of the backrest helps to keep the user straight and stable and not move to one side.


Many of our clients look to use our rise and recline chairs to reduce the pressure on particular joints or parts of their body. Indeed, unwanted pressure to knee and hip joints can cause great discomfort and reoccurring problems. Rise and recline chairs assist in easing the pressure on the main joints both when the user is getting in or out of the chair as they gently lift or lower the user into the necessary position or when they are sitting in the chair itself.

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