The Pros and Cons of an Adjustable Bed

Welcome back to the McCarthy Mobility Furniture blog where we bring you the most up to date news around our mobility furniture, adjustable beds and rise and recline chairs. In today’s entry we look at the pros and cons of an adjustable bed to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision when buying an adjustable bed.

Many people are making the switch to electric adjustable beds and we have seen an increase in the number of customers from all walks of life who are choosing our standard adjustable beds, luxury adjustable beds and made to measure adjustable beds. Regardless of their time of life or reasons for choosing adjustable beds one thing is sure is that more and more people of all ages are purchasing these beds.

When looking to purchase an adjustable bed it is important to understand exactly what the benefits are. We have compiled a list of the pros of buying an adjustable bed for you to consider.

Increased Comfort

Adjustable beds provide a higher level of comfort when compare to conventional beds. They offer greater comfort because the user is able to customise their sleeping position and enjoy a greater night’s rest in more comfort. Choosing their incline, the most popular being between 30 to 45 degrees, is often more comfortable than lying flat and offers more support. .

Pain Relief

One of the major benefits of buying an electric adjustable bed is how they can help to provide pain relief from chronic conditions such as arthritis and sciatica, improving the quality of life suffering from these conditions. Users of adjustable beds can choose the position of their bed and the angle allowing them to take pressure away from painful areas which both increases mobility and reduces pain.



One of the most overlooked but important pros of an adjustable bed is the sense of Independence that they provide. Indeed, many of our customers have reported that they feel that they have increased independence as a result of using an adjustable bed. For example,. the increased mobility that they experience, as well as a general uplift in spirits and a sense of pride that their newfound mobility gives them.

Combat Snoring

For those who sleep next to someone who snores we all know how draining it can be and how hard it is not only to get to sleep but to ensure a complete night’s rest. Our adjustable beds combat the issue of snoring by lifting the offending snorer into a raised sleeping position thus keeping the airways open more and stopping snoring.

Improved Sleep Quality

Many say a good night’s sleep is invaluable. It leaves you refreshed and re-energised and ready to face the day. We all know how difficult it is when you don’t have a good night’s sleep to focus on the tasks in hand. A normal bed only allows you to sleep in a horizontal postilion and can place a lot of pressure onto joints and cause pain. An adjustable bed, however, allows you to raise either the top or bottom half of the bed and take pressure away from painful joints or areas helping you to get a better quality sleep.

Easier Movement

As we get older our mobility can decrease making it a challenge to get in and out of bed easily. An adjustable bed allows you to get in and out of the bed by bringing it to a comfortable height with just the push of a button. Older age and chronic pain conditions can make getting into and out of bed a real challenge. An important benefit of electric beds is how they allow users to bring the bed to a comfortable height using just the touch of a button, catering for easier entry to and exit from the bed.

Whilst adjustable beds have a wealth of benefits, there are a few cons associated with them that do need addressing. We want you to have all of the information to hand when choosing an adjustable bed and it is important to know some of the cons.

Incompatible with existing mattress

When buying an adjustable bed you will more than likely have to purchase a new mattress designed to work in harmony with your bed. One of the annoying aspects of this is having to dispose of your old mattress. However, there are many companies out there who can assist you to dispose of it.

More expensive

Generally speaking electric adjustable beds are more expensive than regular beds. This is because of the technology inside. Many companies do not offer prices over the phone in an attempt to get a salesperson, who works in commission, to go to your house where you will have to pay more for them to get their commission. We do not work this way and are happy to provide full quotes over the phone. In addition to this, there are many tax incentives by the UK government to assist those who need to purchase mobility furniture such as riser and recliner chairs and adjustable beds.

Variations in Quality

As with anything, there is always a variation in quality. However, McCarthy Mobility Furniture is a family run business that has manufactured our own adjustable beds for over 40 years. We offer a full 14 day money back guarantee as well as a comprehensive after sales service (many of these things our competitors simply don’t want to do) to ensure that when you purchase one of our adjustable beds you can be assured that it is of the highest quality.


For more information on our rise and recliner chairs and all of our mobility furniture to receive a quote over the phone call our family friendly teams on 01992 472199 or contact us via We are happy to provide prices and to answer any questions you may have.

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