The Health benefits of Adjustable Beds

Welcome to the official McCarthy mobility blog. Each week we will be covering different topics related to our mobility furniture, rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds. In this week’s entry we will examine the health benefits of adjustable beds and how to get the most out of your adjustable bed so that you have a good night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Adjustable beds aren’t just for those who have restricted mobility. Indeed, adjustable beds can offer a wealth of benefits for people of all ages. From taking the pressure off of aching joints to offering superior comfort, adjustable beds can provide a range of benefits for those looking to have a better night’s sleep. At McCarthy Mobility Furniture we are passionate about our adjustable beds and helping our clients, regardless of age or aliment, to have a better night’s sleep. We have outlined our top 5 health benefits and reasons to purchase an adjustable bed.

Relief from pain
The most important benefit of adjustable beds is their ability to assist in pain relief for those who suffer from chronic pain. Back, legs and hips primarily offering support ability to position and relief stress on the joints. A normal mattress doesn’t offer support and leads to a painful, restless night’s sleep. Customise the sleeping position across neck, back, hips and legs can adjust the sleeping position throughout the night. In particular, foam mattresses offer even more support and shape of body.

Reduction of swelling in the legs and feet
One of the often quoted health benefits of adjustable beds is their ability to help reduce swelling in the legs and feet. With traditional non-adjustable beds the user is unable to make changes to the position of the bed. Throughout the night the legs and feet remain in a flat throughout the night leading to increased swelling as circulation can be restricted. With an adjustable bed it is possible to raise the position of the feet to assist with circulation and to prevent the build up of fluid in the legs and feet.

Relief from breathing problems
For those suffering from asthma, breathing problems and even snoring, adjustable beds can help to alleviate some of the related issues. In a non-adjustable bed the user sleeps in a flat, straight position throughout the night. Sometimes they raise the neck with pillows which can lead to stiffness and pain. With an adjustable bed the entire torso is raised in a more even manner which reduces the pressure on the neck and can open the airways leading to relieve from breathing problems and, in turn, a better night’s sleep.

Convenience and ease of getting in and out of bed
One of the biggest health benefits of adjustable beds is their ability to assist those with reduced mobility in getting in and out of bed. By raising the torso it is easier to pivot the user’s legs and hips to get out of the adjustable bed and takes some of the pressure of the joints associated with this movement.

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