VAT Exemptions on mobility furniture

Welcome back to the McCarthy Mobility blog. We hope that all of our followers and clients have enjoyed a restful and joyous festive period and we wish you all a happy new year and the very best for 2018. In this week’s blog entry we examine a very positive incentive by the government that helps you save money on purchasing mobility furniture.

Did you know that you may be eligible to purchase our mobility furniture VAT free? Saving you 20% in the process? Under a scheme buy the government to help disabled and chronically sick people the government has removed VAT on the following purchases (should you qualify):

  • Medical and surgical appliances  
  • Invalid wheelchairs and Mobility scooters  
  • Equipment to aid the hard of hearing and low vision aids  
  • Specialist beds,
  • Chair and stair lifts,
  • Rise and recline chairs and other lifting equipment and sanitary devices  
  • Goods that have been designed solely for disabled people  
  • Computer equipment  
  • Emergency alarm
  • Call systems  
  • Boats parts and accessories

According to the government a specialist adjustable bed that can be purchased VAT free is defined as

“An adjustable bed will be eligible for relief only if it clearly stands out as being specialised for the use of invalids, as well as being adjustable, a qualifying bed will have other specific design features that distinguish it from an ordinary bed”.

Likewise, A rise and recline (or riser and recliner chairs as they are also known) can be bought VAT free, as defined by the government, is:

“A riser-recliner chair designed to help you move from a seated position to a standing position and vice versa – recliner chairs which don’t have the lifting facility can’t be bought VAT free”.

To qualify for VAT-free goods for personal and domestic chronically sick or disabled is defined as:

“A person with a physical or mental impairment which has a long term and substantial adverse effect upon your ability to carry out everyday activities  a condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness (that’s a long term health condition)”.

How do you apply for VAT-free goods for the disabled and chronically sick?

Thankfully the process has been made very easy and stress free. VAT-exemption works completely through self declaration meaning that you do not have to provide supporting evidence from an NHS or independent doctor. McCarthy Mobility Furniture are happy to assist you should you require and provide you with the necessary form to declare VAT relief.

For more information on the McCarthy range of mobility furniture contact our family run teams via or 01992 472199.

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