Watch out for rogue traders

Welcome back to the official McCarthy Mobility Furniture blog, in today’s blog post we cover the topic of rogue traders and offer our industry leading advice on how to avoid sales tactics who look to rip you off.

For over 40 years our family fun business has produced and designed mobility furniture, rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds in our U.K factory. We firmly believe in doing things the right way and, after speaking to our customers, we realised that many companies within our industry are employing negative sales tactics that look to take advantage of them and to pressurise them in to buying something and, often, paying way over the top!

Our strict code of compliance means that we always operate to the highest of standards. We do not cold call and only source our enquiries through our own brand new website or via people who express an interest in our products. Furthermore, we believe that as a potential customers you know what you want! That means that our rise and recline chair and adjustable beds speak for themselves.

Some things to avoid when dealing with dodgy companies:

Did you know that many companies simply won’t give you a price over the phone or in their brochure? They do this because  they want to send a salesman into your house. Whilst this gives you the opportunity to see the product the price of the product will be inflated due to the salesman earning commission. The higher the price, the more he earns. We always give prices over the phone and in our brochure because we believe in being up front and making sure our potential customers have all the necessary information.

Even the very act of sending a salesman without giving an upfront price or estimate is unfair in our expert opinion. There is a possibility that by having a salesman in the house you are put under pressure to make a decision when you are not quite ready, which as we are sure you agree, is not on.

Be alert and research the business you are dealing with. There are plenty of cases that have features on watchdog of bad practises carried out by cowboy companies taking advantage of the elderly and vulnerable. Make sure your not one of them by properly taking the time to research the brand and their sales practices.

Are you getting a quality product and value for money? When you look at the product and the price make sure to compare with other businesses and do your research to make the most informed decision possible.

Our top questions to consider:

Are they selling you what you want?
Is it British made?
Is there a return policy?
Does the product come with guarantees?
Does the company have good reviews for customer service.
Do they have ridiculously high discounts with little or no justification?

If any of these questions are unclear then be very careful. Remember, you are in control and you make the decision. After all, you are investing in an important item of furniture so take your time and find the right company for you!

At McCarthy Mobility Furniture we will give you a quotation over the phone, via email or by post letting you know the prices for what we provide. We do not use high discounting or dodgy sales tactics to encourage you to make you a purchase on the spot. Likewise we also are happy to offer a 14 day money back guarantee should you change your mind. And, rest assured that all of our rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds come with lifetime guarantees.

Have you had to deal with rogue traders. For more information on our rise and recline chairs, adjustable beds and mobility furniture contact our team today on 01992 472199 or email



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