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Adjustable Beds, The Elegant Collection

The Elegant Collection of Adjustable Beds by McCarthy Mobility Furniture represents the very best in value from our range of adjustable beds. Designed and proudly manufactured by our craftsman in the UK, our Elegant range of adjustable beds is a beautiful and comfortable adjustable bed that gives you a deep and refreshing night’s sleep. Contact our team today va 01992 472199  to receive a full quotation for our Elegant collection of adjustable beds. 

Featuring pocket spring mattresses for that extra comfortable and energising night’s rest, our Elegant Collection is your entry into the world of comfort that only a McCarthy made bed can give you.

Browse our elegant collection of adjustable beds below today and contact our family run team via info@mccarthymobility.com or call 01992 472199 for a full quote via the phone or book your home demonstration.


  • Appleby adjustable bed by Mccarthy Mobility Furniture


    The Appleby adjustable bed offers a more traditional style with a deep base to help you get in and out of bed easier.

  •  Auckland adjustable bed by McCarthy Mobility Furniture


    The deep base styling of the Aukland adjustable bed provides a more traditional look.

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