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Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

Sleep in supreme comfort with our mattresses for adjustable beds. McCarthy Mobility Furniture provides a beautiful range of the very best adjustable bed mattresses that leave you feeling rested and energised after a deep night’s sleep. Choose from pocket spring mattresses, latex and memory foam to enjoy that extra special comfort that only a McCarthy adjustable bed can bring you.

For more information on electric bed mattresses and to discuss the mattress options available for your adjustable bed, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team via or call 01992 472199.


  •  Pocket Spring mattress for adjustable bed

    Pocket Springs

    The springs promote natural alignment of the spine and ensure that your weight is evenly distributed. This in turn reduces the amount of strain put on your body during sleep. The pocket springs also offer increased air circulation, helping you to achieve a comfortable temperature and enjoy a good night’s rest.

  •  Memory foam mattress for adjustable bed

    Memory Foam

    Memory foam provides pressure relief by evenly distributing body weight across the entire surface. This helps to relieve the body of stress and tension during sleep. Memory foam conforms to the curves of the body to keep the spine in neutral alignment, while absorbing energy and pressure so the movement of others does not cause disturbance.

  •  Latex mattress for adjustable bed


    The pure latex perfectly contours to the body, ensuring the spine keeps its neutral alignment while the open cell structure offers optimal temperature and moisture control. Latex is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and dust mite resistant and offers excellent durability compared to other core materials.

  •  Handturfed mattress for adjustable bed

    Hand Tufted

    Each mattress is hand tufted in the traditional way. The tufts secure the mattress fillings and enhance the performance of the mattress. Tapes are individually secured through the mattress by hand and are held in place by either cotton or woollen tufts (rosettes). This is the best way to ensure the deep layers of fillings are held in place, helping to prolong the life and performance of the mattress.

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